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Best Hand Planer: WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer

If your passion for woodworking includes creating cutting boards, furniture and other projects that require precise cuts and smooth surfaces, your tool collection should include an electric hand planer like the WEN 6530. For the uninitiated, an electric planer is a tool designed to shape and prepare wood. These versatile gadgets incorporate multiple functions into … Read more

Our Picks For The Best Table Saw For Cutting Boards In 2022

While not essential for building a wood cutting board, using a table saw can make the process faster, easier and more accurate. Table saws deliver smooth, consistent, accurate cuts, allowing for enhanced efficiency and significant time savings. They also do the lion’s share of the work for you, so you can enjoy the pursuit of … Read more

Get The Best Wood For Cutting Board Woodworking: 10 Picks

Wood cutting boards have a surprising number of advantages over other materials: wood is more sanitary and durable than plastic and more affordable than granite or marble, and it also minimizes dulling and damage to knife blades. And of course, if you’re a crafting enthusiast, wood cutting boards can be made at home in a … Read more

End Grain vs Edge Grain: Which Is Better For Cutting Boards

As you make preparations for your own handcrafted wood cutting board, you’ll not only need to decide what species of wood to use, but also whether to build your board from end grain wood or edge grain wood. End grain vs edge grain debates plague the cutting board manufacturing world. Unless you’re a seasoned woodworker, … Read more

5 Picks: The Best Cutting Board Oil For The Perfect Boards

If you use a wooden cutting board, you probably know that regular maintenance with food-grade oil is essential for keeping your board in good condition over a lifetime of use. Cutting board oil prevents the wood from drying out and cracking or becoming brittle, which can eventually dull your knives. It also creates a waterproof … Read more