Best Jointer: WEN 6559 6-inch 10-Amp Corded Benchtop Jointer

As you delve deeper into your woodworking hobby—or even pursue it as a livelihood—you’ll almost certainly find yourself adding to your tool arsenal to further perfect your craft. And as your projects become more complex, a benchtop jointer like wen 6559 will likely become an essential investment, allowing you to create perfectly flat, square edges on boards for seamless finishes.

When you run a piece of wood along the cutter head of a jointer, you’ll smooth away any bumps, blemishes and uneven patches, providing a flawless surface for constructing cutting boards, furniture, trim and almost anything else you can envision.

Jointers come in two main categories: floor jointers and benchtop jointers. Floor jointers are the larger of the two types, with massive motors designed to tackle industrial-grade projects and time-consuming tasks. However, they also require serious dedicated space in a garage or workshop and cost significantly more than their smaller, bench-based counterparts.

wen 6559

True to their name, benchtop jointers are smaller power tools that are mounted to a work surface for enhanced stability and reduced vibration. Their compact size, light weight and lower price point make them more accessible for the average hobby woodworker and generally provide ample power to handle residential DIY applications and projects. 

Jointers are commonly confused with planers, which perform a related but distinct function. While planers are designed to shave thin layers of thickness from wood or other materials, jointers are intended to smooth and flatten the surface of material and create perfectly square edges. 

What to Look for in a Benchtop Jointer

When shopping for a benchtop jointer, you’ll want to carefully consider the following aspects of the tool before making your final selection. 

Our Pick: WEN 6559 6-inch 10-Amp Corded Benchtop Jointer

The WEN 6559 6-inch 10-Amp Corded Benchtop Jointer offers an optimal blend of power and precision at an affordable price point. Its muscular 10-amp motor works with the swiftly-spinning 6.125-inch two-blade cutter head to generate 20,000 cuts per minute, and the infeed table can be adjusted to produce cuts of up to 1/8-inch deep.

wen 6559

The generously-sized work table accommodates large and unusually-shaped pieces of material, and the fence can be beveled up to 45 degrees in either direction to make accurately-angled cuts along board faces. A spring-loaded blade guard enhances user safety, while the included push stick, push block, dust port and filter bag maximize convenience and ease of use.

Though the intuitively designed jointer is appropriate for users of all experience levels, buyers can rest easy knowing they have access to WEN’s nationwide network of skilled service technicians and helpful customer support team as well as a 2-year warranty. 

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wen 6559

WEN 6559: Specifications

  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Motor: 10 Amps
  • Speed: 10,000 RPM/20,000 CPM
  • Cutter Head Design: Straight-knife dual blades
  • Bevel: Up to 45 degrees in either direction
  • Maximum board width: 6.125 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years

wen 6559

WEN 6559: Features

  • 6.25-inch by 28.5-inch table provides ample work space for most residential projects
  • 10-amp motor and two-blade cutter head deliver 20,000 cuts per minute
  • Integrated depth scale allows for precise depth of cut adjustments
  • Adjustable fence bevels up to 45 degrees in either direction
  • Accessory package includes push stick, push block, adjustable 2.5-inch dust chute and dust filter bag
  • Spring-loaded blade guard helps protect users from accidental injury

Pros and Cons of the WEN 6559

As with any Benchtop Jointer, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this hand planer from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the WEN 6559 6-inch 10-Amp Corded Benchtop Jointer.

Pros of the WEN 6559

  • Powerful motor cuts both hard and soft woods quickly and effectively
  • Beveling fence allows for the creation of flawless angled cuts along board surfaces
  • Machine is easy to set up and operate, even for novice users
  • Affordable price delivers excellent value
  • Product is backed by a 2-year warranty and WEN’s helpful customer support team

Cons of the WEN 6559

  • Loud operation
  • Fence can come out of alignment with extended use

Our Verdict on the WEN 6559 6-inch 10-Amp Corded Benchtop Jointer

If you’re looking for an affordable benchtop jointer that’s ready to get to work right out of the box, the WEN 6559 6-inch 10-Amp Corded Benchtop Jointer easily fits the bill. Both novice and experienced crafters will appreciate its durable construction and intuitive design, and its mighty 10-amp motor delivers ample power to effectively smooth materials of all sizes and hardness levels. An easy-to-use onboard depth scale and beveling fence ensure precise custom cuts, ensuring pristine finishes on your future projects. The WEN 6559 Benchtop Jointer is the logical next step to elevate your woodworking endeavors. 

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